Couple Relationships

Having been married for well over 30yrs, and in particular having spent many many hours working with couples over the years as a therapist, I understand well the challenges that relationships can bring.

The poem above clearly articulates the experience that some couples have with their communication in their relationship. The most common core issue that presents in my office when couples share about their disconnect - is a lack of emotional intimacy. I think this poem provides an insight into one’s experience and the interactional process which is revisited time and time again by many couples.

When emotional intimacy is not present, all other aspects of intimacy become a challenge. Sometimes the disconnect is so deep, the couple may feel there is no way back.

At Abundant Life Strategies Couple work is focussed on moving from ‘blaming each other’ to coaching the couple how to communicate effectively, whilst also addressing patterns established over time. I work with the couple along the way to help them to understand each other better. When done well clients feel heard and validated by the other. There is a shift from being emotionally unsafe partner(s) to someone they can rely upon and be vulnerable with.

If you are looking to improve your relationship, if you are tired of doing the same old dance time and time again, and getting nowhere, if you wish for an authentic and genuine relationship, then I can help you to work towards this step by step.

On the other hand you may believe that your relationship is beyond repair, and separation is the only option. At Abundant Life Strategies we can help you to work through this decision, and be confident with your decision to move forward.

Whatever you are going through in your relationships, support to talk this through will help you to move forward. No matter how complex you may feel things are, help is only a phone call away.

This may very well be the most valuable thing you do for yourself and your relationship.