We recognise that as individuals we are unique and one size does not fit all when it comes to therapy. Hence our approach utilises a range of different modalities that best suit the client and their situation. We take an integrative and whole person approach Mind, Body, Spirit, because when one part is not functioning well, this inevitably affects the other parts.

The following are some of the theoretical perspectives and models that we draw on or underpin our work:

Family Systems Theory / Ecological Systems Theory / Cognitive Behaviour Therapy / Emotional Focus Therapy

Brief Solution Focused / Interpersonal Psychotherapy / Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy / Faith Based Perspective

Creative Therapeutic Approaches…

The use of creative tools in therapy can help clients to tap into their visual, auditory and experiential way of communicating. Through the use of drawing, sand tray, picture cards, figurines, objects and role play the client is enabled to externalise and work with a metaphor or visual image. This process creates the avenue for the client to explore and express emotions that sometimes are difficult to articulate with words alone.

Counselling Children…

At Abundant Life Strategies, we work with children where family separation, domestic violence, parenting support, bullying, anxiety, grief & loss, adjustment issues are presenting.

Our preferred approach is to see the parent(s) initially without the child present to ascertain and assess the appropriate direction. Together we discuss a plan and if agreed to then follow up sessions are made with the child. Usually it is weekly but can be fortnightly. If the presenting issues are outside our scope of expertise, we can provide the parent(s) with referral options.

Ideally our preference is to equip parents with strategies to support their child during difficult and challenging times. Often parents are looking for a space for their child to talk about what is going on for them without the worry that they may say something that may upset/hurt the parent(s)or other family members if present. Children often worry about burdening a parent especially where there may be a recent family separation, or conflict.

Engaging with children takes some trust building and depending on the age may take several sessions for this to be established. I use a variety of tools (as above) to engage the child at every session. Sessions with the child are confidential, however supporting the family as a whole is part of the overall plan and therefore where applicable parents are provided with strategies to support their child.


At Abundant Life Strategies we are bound by confidentiality laws and take this very seriously. We are committed to maintaining a safe space for clients to talk about their issues. We do not disclose client information to third parties without client written consent where relevant to the case.

Home Visits…

For safety reasons we generally only provide home visits to older persons who for physical / health reasons are unable to attend at the practice location. Please do not hesitate to enquire.