Area’s of Practice

Presenting Issues



Adjustment Issues

Stress, Burnout, and Stress Management


Psychological disorders

Grief & Loss

Abuse: Childhood sexual abuse (adult) / Spiritual abuse / Domestic/Family violence

Addictions: Pornography / Internet / Gambling / Substance Abuse support

Marriage: Conflict / Communication Coaching / Affairs / Separation / Reconciliation

Pre-Marriage: Counselling / Pre-marriage Relationship Evaluation

Parenting Support: Child / Teens / Young Adults

Counselling for Children (6+>): Family Separation / Family violence / Bullying / Anxiety / Adjustment Issues

Blended Families

Family Conflict Mediation: Adult children and Parents/extended family members

Carer Support

Workplace: Conflict / Bullying&Harassment / Retrenchment / Performance Management Stress / Restructure issues / Role Change Stress

Life transitions


Cross-Cultural and Integration Issues

Mentoring support

Specialising in Relationships

“When we self-regulate well,

we are better able to control the trajectory of our emotional lives

and resulting actions based on our values and sense of purpose."

- Amy Leigh Mercree